Venezlan Sun Tiger

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3 Responses to Venezlan Sun Tiger

  • paul and gemma says:

    i had one of these, when i went in to feed it, its legs were tucked under his body as if it was dying. i rang some one up and they told me to put a bit of water in a little tub. as well as a bit of sponge with water on it. there can only be enough room. so that the spider sits on the sponge only and after a few minutes. you can see it drinking. Keep it in a tub for a day or two until you have noticed that its back to its usual self.

  • rlj says:

    Have one of these (hopefully female from her colouration and ventral look) from a sling. lovely colouring on “her” abdomin and has really bright orange markings on its legs. Great feeder but very fast. had to move her into larger accomadation and to encourage her out placed a long thin brush behind her to coax her out, she ran up the brush, up my arm and onto my head before i could think, wife had to use a small palstic pot and ursher her into it.
    Just thankful she didn’t tag me on the head.

    Just be aware of there speed, very, very fast.

  • martyn says:

    extremly fast spider but superb coulers had hassle re potting as well escaped into larger tub there for 2 days on lid off big tub trying to escape too fast scary spider but interesting not shy at all very good eater nice one kim!!!!

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