Pink Toe

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5 Responses to Pink Toe

  • paul and gemma says:

    I have one of these in a glass tank without a heat mat, sat on my computer table. She is very placid and I let my children deal with her with supervision because the are only young. They are a very good spider for a beginner. They are not very good eater so from that side they aren’t good for beginners.

  • Naomi says:

    Great looking T’s def have the furry cute factor, generally easy to keep, i dont offer mine a water bowl, just mist regularly and she seems to be doing fine, quite active mine is often seen webbing up, cleaning or acrobating on the leaves, mine seems to be quite a good eater, easily taking on two crix at a time, the do like it a little warmer, keep in a tall tank with a few branches and some leaves.

  • Paul Tompkinson says:

    A stunning starter for arboreals, nervous and skitty but seldom bites. Great to handle, but can be quick and can jump. Defensively, they like to poo at you…and they’re good aims too! Good ventilation in the tank is a must with any of the Avicularia genus as stale air will kill them quite quickly!

  • martyn says:

    very nice spider jumpy but not agressive mist reg same as others quality heat mats all good got 3 diff sizes mellow all round

  • martyn says:

    love these never aggressive 3 diff sizes all try and hide as soon as you move em to mist or feed cheers kim all going good still!!!!

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