Orange Baboon

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3 Responses to Orange Baboon

  • paul and gemma says:

    As spiderlings they get confused for being mustard baboons,because last year i got a mustard baboon from a pet shop but i further invesigated and found out it was a orange VERY AWARE FROM BUYING FROM A PET SHOP THEY WILL FOB YOU OFF WITH ANYTHING.They are nasty and sneeky because they hide and they web alot.Because of the agretion they are easy to feed, with great care in case, they startle you and bite.

  • Jamie Scott says:

    My OBT Tulisa has made an amazing burrow. Her main enrance/exit is horizontal which splits in too one verticle. And she has a secret exit also doubles as her trapdoor. She rarely comes out but when she does she looks amazing extreamily bright with metalic green/blue feet.

    All in all a great T. A must for any collection.

  • martyn says:

    dont see very often except when i feed but big hole and stuff usually falls straiht in and is munched .bought loads off different spiders/pots/bugs of kim and allways good 30 or so diff spiders all still doing well excellent stuff

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