Mexican Red Knee

 Latin name               Brachypelma smithi

Common name          mexican red knee

Indigenous               mexico

Housing                   sub-Terrestrial /sub-Terrestrial

Full Grown Size         5-6 inches

Growth rate               slow 

Temperature             75 to 80° F / 24 to 27° C 

Humidity                  65-70%

my Tarantula experiences Well the mexican red knee is a good starter spider had a few of these over the years, but yet to breed them. All the ones I have had have been very docile some have dug and but not all of them and can like hides or caves.  Very colourful spider can be slow growers but this is ideal for people that want time to get use to having a spider have something that’s a spiderling one minute and a adult the next.

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  • Andy says:

    Great Spiders for the novice, can be a little skittish but I’ve found they settle down quite quickly, fairly active and loves to sit out on show.
    Good eaters and with care a female could be with you 20-30yrs, males 5-7yrs.
    Kept at 24c, spray one end of tank every few days, water bowl gets clean water everyday.
    Try to get captive bred ones as the wild stocks have been plundered due to poularity of this species, a really lovely spider.

  • colin says:

    Just got one of these from Kim already noticed how active they are yet to find out how well it eats and will comment shortly

  • Chris M says:

    My large female is always out, she’s incredibly docile, never bites, threatens or even flicks hairs (but be aware some do)

  • colin says:

    This little spiderling is the most active i have very lively feeds really well and always seams to be out on display

  • Adam says:

    This is our 3rd T and seems pretty good. As already said quite skittish but seems to settle down well. Feeds very well and always out on show.

  • laura74 says:

    Extremely please with our Juvenile Smithi Spider from Kim, its stunning, very active so always interesting to watch especially at feed times as its constantly hungry. I am looking forward to having it for many years, our friend has had theres for over 15 years, they are a very stunning species.

    • laura74 says:

      Well nearly 1 year on the Smithi Tarantula is growing bigger & stronger, does seem fond of flicking hairs at me the little pest. It enjoys eating roaches but will happily take hoppers and locust, moved up into a glass teapot tank with plant ans bark to hide but it more than often is out for visitors to see. Its had 4 sheds and with each one it looks more stunning….hoping it is female but by the speed it is growing I can only assume it is a male, unless anyone else has any information to share which may suggest otherwise.

  • Paula Dixon says:

    I got my mexican red knee in september, it had is second moult yesterday 8/11/11 and sadly died on the night, have no idea why 🙁

    • fangs says:

      This unfortunately does happen it is very stressful for the spider and take a lot of energy to do a moult .when they are moulting need to leave them alone and just hope that all goes well,98% of the time it will but now and then it will not. if you find this happens a lot and are losing spiders then you need to check your temp, humidity and also think about the food as well.

  • martyn says:

    very nice spider got a couple off kim.mellow .likes a dig allways upto something out and about.great colurs after moult cheers kim…:)

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