Mexican Pink Beauty

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4 Responses to Mexican Pink Beauty

  • colin says:

    i have a 2cm sling which seams to be very calm and is a good feeder never refuses a meal

  • colin says:

    This brachypelma seems to like to have a hide away i have put a small plastic leaf in its container and it has made a small cave underneath this one is not always out on display like the red knee or flame knee who like to sit on top of the leaf

  • colin says:

    just had its first shed since i have had it it stopped feeding for two weeks its abdomen went a dark waxy colour then it shed within a couple of days looks really nice and has more colour to it

  • colin says:

    This little spider has just shed again fed well for five weeks after its last shed then for two weeks it stopped feeding then shed again. Its becoming a lot more colourfull and hairy on its legs already showing a lot of pink on them.

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