Metallic Blue Ornamental

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  • rlj says:

    I now have 2 of these, an immature male and what i hope to be a very young female. Alovely looking tarantula with matallic blue legs. From info i researched before purchase, poecilotheria metallica are suppost to be the clamer of the “pokie” family, still very quick. Mine dislike bright light and will run around their enclosure, it appears almost in panic, at times until they find there hiding place. I use a cork bark tube for a hide and at an angle, not stright up, but an old toilet roll or kitchen roll tube will be ok. they are aborial, and mine love to climb. I feed mine on gut loaded cickets, locust and wax worms/moths. They will also take roaches but where i live, these are hard/expensive to come by but appear a slighltly better food as they will eat any dead matter you haven’t cleaned out of the enclosure and aren’t as much as a problem to the spider if you haven’t taken it out while the spider is moulting, although i recomend taking out any food item that isn’t eaten after 24 hours.
    I have read that they can be susceptible to a “wet moult” and this has the potential to kill them.

    I keep my humidity at about 65 to 70% with a temp of 24-28C (75.2 – 82.4F) (the temp is usually about 26-27C)

    They can be expensive to buy (£200 for my “pair” a year ago) but i have seen them for sale for about £35 for a 2nd to 3rd instar sling, upto £120 for a small female here in the uk, $400 for an adult female in the U.S.

    All in all, one of my favorite spiders and one of the best “blue” T’s there is, just treat them with respect.

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