Martinique Pink Toe

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5 Responses to Martinique Pink Toe

  • paul and gemma says:

    I think for a beginner this is an ideal spider due to there docile nature. They like to climb so they need to be in an upright tank. they can be very fussy eaters but since Ii put mine on cockroach they seem to be a lot better.

  • Nigel says:

    my two adults are great and docile and can be handle.but some time jump went in hand.but good for two like crickets and locusts one some times will eat three in one day. and make a nice web went going to molt

  • Adam says:

    Great T, was my 2nd one. Mine is always at the top of the enclosure waiting to come out. Good web maker. Mine is only a sling at the mo, so pretty skittish but am sure it will calm down. Have not had any problems with feeding as yet but have been told they can be fussy eaters.

  • rikki says:

    my s-ling is great as a first time owner, i have to say its just amazing watching him grow, good web maker, eats anything i give to him, getting a bit greedy tho, wont eat small stuff anymore likes food about the same size as him, still abit nervous but am sure when he’s grown he’ll be more laid back

  • martyn says:

    very jumpy spider got two allways under lid waiting to bite/escape.lovely pink tho very nervous/fast does not like bigger bugs than him/her.only slings but very fast jumps straight on bugs off side/top.fascinating to watch great climer/webs all good cheers kim…

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