Green Femur Beauty

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One Response to Green Femur Beauty

  • Andy says:

    A lovely spider with a green hue to it’s legs and orange striping to knees, not to be confused with the Euathlus (same except the blue hue not green).
    Kept at 22-27 deg celsius, humidity 70-80%.
    Generally a calm spider, a little jumpy when young but more likely to run or kick hairs rather than bite so not considered aggressive at all. They like to have a hide (piece of bark) rather than burrow.
    A great display spider as it gets older as it’s quite happy to sit out in the open, only moving if disturbed.
    A slow species for breeding, the ritual can last a couple of hours as the male is about 1/4 the size of the female and is wary of rushing in.
    I have bred these and the female showed no aggression after breeding towards the male, although different spiders react differently mine were very well behaved.
    Good feeders and from my experience a well behaved, attractive spider. A beautiful spider that would suit beginners.

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