Green Bottle Blue

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5 Responses to Green Bottle Blue

  • Chalky says:

    This is simply an awesome T. I have an adult female which I’ve had from a juvenile. They are supposed to be skittish but I have found her to be relatively relaxed, retiring to her hide if phased by my tampering in her enclosure. She is kept in a mainly terrestrial setup as I found her to be uninterested in the climbing branches I provided her. She webs wonderfully but not to the same level as say a OBT. I would not trust her to handle but she is easily manipulated with a paint brush. She is kept in quite a dry set up and seems to become sluggish if humidity levels get too high. I simply keep a water dish (milk bottle lid) full at all times and slightly overspill but DO NOT SOAK!! This is a really important part of this Ts husbandry. Also the colourstion is fantastic. A highly recommended species everyone should have.

  • Naomi says:

    Has to be one of the most stunning T’s in the hobby, dont grow as big as most species, these grow up to around 4.5 inches, another good display tarantula, they like it dry and quite warm 70 – 80F, you will be amused by their crazy web building skills and have a very keen appetite, often go for anything that falls in their tank

  • Chris M says:

    Unbelievably fast spider (or mine is, anyway) it would leave my OBT for dust any day of the week.
    Bit skittish, feeds well but very, very rarely out on display.

  • Tasha says:

    Just got my GBB from here today. Such a little beauty in lovely condition and well packed. I look forward to showing him/ her off to everyone! Thanks 🙂

  • martyn says:

    great spiderawesome colour fast tho .nice web keen eater.would not handle as skittish.mist /feed reg no probs wiv this

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