Giant Salmon Pink

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3 Responses to Giant Salmon Pink

  • Chalky says:

    I’ve found these spiders to be ravenous feeders. I have two slings and one adult. All are fast moving and skittish. The adult will assume a threat posture as soon as I lift the lid, but she doesn’t actively attack. They require slightly higher humidity then the other Ts I keep but that it facilitated by over flowing the waterdish (drink bottle top). A very nice spider with impressive size. Highly recommended if you are not phased by there skittish behaviour.

  • Jamie Scott says:

    Just recieved mine (from this site) lovely size so far seems pretty calm, that saying she may just be cold. So i would suggest soring out there new home on arrival before they heat up.

  • martyn says:

    very mellow spider got 3 just mist every 3 days feed couple times a week wii handle one only slings at mo all from kim all moulting eating well great spider busy all the time not shy/skittish..:)

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