General issues for all spiders

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  • John says:

    Euathlus sp red ( chile flame ) A small tarantula that is very docile and friendly, Has a small red patch on it’s rump, Great little thing worth owning and great to handle and won’t kick hair and seems to enjoy coming out of it’s tank.
    Grows to around 2.5″

  • John says:

    Eupalaestrus weijenberghi – white collard,
    Small very easy to care for and easy to handle.
    Grows to 3″ and comes across as skittish but once settled calms down.
    Can kick hair but nothing at all to worry about.

  • greg wilks says:

    To all tarantula keepers,dont gut fill or feed crickets,flake fish food.thats the multi coloured fish food,i had a problem with a few spiders dieing,with symptoms the same as discynetic sydrome,and could not explain why,i purchased a p metalica from bts show for £50,i put a cockroach in to feed it,and also some fish food for cockroach,i noticed the spider had picked up the fish food,five days later it was dead,the same way as the others,since then I have stoped usein the fish food & have not lost a spider since,i hope this info helps 🙂

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