Curly Hair

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3 Responses to Curly Hair

  • Rob says:

    id like to add more to my above comment with more info, i use reptile forums under then name of mooncatt.
    as i said above the curly hair is great for people new to T`s they are not overly fussy about humidy or so i have found. mine is perfectly happy in dry conditions as well as moist, they do like to burrow so make sure they have plenty of subsrate, i use coconut fibres.
    i handle my curly hair often, she has never flicked hairs at me or bitten me.
    temp wise anything between 75-low 80s is ideal and very easy to maintai, i use an exo terra tank with a heat mat on the outside with tin foil over the mesh top, this maintains temps perfectly however if you are a humidity slave then you will need to mist at least once per day.

  • martyn says:

    really mellow spider bit scared of you but nice easy going not bitey at all

  • martyn says:

    these are great allways upto something very interesting spider nice marks cheers kim all fine and dandy

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