Colbalt Blue

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3 Responses to Colbalt Blue

  • Simon says:

    the colbalt blue is a brilliant looking spider but you see this more at night. I found with mine that it didnt like the false burrow that you can buy from any of the reptile shops. I then took this out and added a piece of bowed wood and then filled in with the substrate.I left the front open it loved it that much it didnt come out untill night to feed but at least i knew it was happy in there. from previous expereince its bites are not to be under estimated. As i found it made me shake, feel sick and have a headache only lasted a few hours with me but with you it may be different
    if kept under heat these tarantulas can turn very aggressive and can and will jump out of there tank/viv .

  • nick19rfuk member says:

    also be very carefull when you are rehoming this amazing tarantula as i have noticed they like to run up at you rather than into there enclosure i leant this when i got my first and ended up leaving the tub in there untill it got out by its self

  • martyn says:

    very bitey and fast be careful wiv this .great looking but wants to run out as soon as lids off and bite anything quite painful but not to bad same as bee prob been stong by them as well

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