brazilian Black

 Latin name                 Grammostola pulchra

Common name            brazilian Black

Indigenous                  brazil

Housing                       sub-Terrestrial /sub-Terrestrial

Full Grown Size            5-6 inches

Growth rate                 medium 

Temperature               70 to 82° F / 22 to 28° C 

Humidity                      60 – 70 %

my Tarantula experiences

very nice black velvet look, very sort after very good beginners species nice and docile. I now have a pair of these waiting for the male to mature. they do like hide and will dig but the sling will dig the most especially when moulting.

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  • Naomi says:

    Def one of my favourite T’s out my collection, these are fantastic T’s that are the perfect beginner T, very docile and laid back if you want a T you can handle, this is the species, never gotten a threat display out of mine, great little eater, dont require any special care, keep in a large tank with deep substrate, however burrowing can sometimes be put off by offering a hide.

  • martyn says:

    very docile great mellow spider love a dig but superb black sheen ,bit of coconut fibre mist couple times week no probs cheers kim..:)

  • martyn says:

    very nice spider mellow temprerment never in a hurry,doesnt hide under lid waiting to run up yer arm like a few others off mine do NICE

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