Bolivian Dwarf Beauty

 Latin name               Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi

Common name           Bolivian Dwarf Beauty

Indigenous                 Bolivia 

Housing                     Terrestrial

Full Grown Size         1.5 – 2 inches

Growth rate             fast

Temperature            76 to 82 ° F / 24 to 28 ° C    

Humidity                    65-75% 

my Tarantula experiences

dwarf species but don’t let that put you of very colourful with a little hart shape on the back have insatiable appetites will take down pray the same size as it self, even seen one try something bigger, drop larger roach in to the tub it tryied to take it down but not able to and just went with the roach until it let go. They do like hides and do a lot of webbing these great for people thet do not have a lot of room only growing upto 2 inches.

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  • Peterparker says:

    A dwarf species of tarantula only getting to a couple of inch when adult. Stunning colouration with the black legs looking almost deep blue in contrast to the orange on the body. These little T’s have large appetites for their size and will happily jump on food their own size if not slighty bigger. The one down side is they love to burrow, dissapearing for weeks at a time, but I found once settled they sit out more and more. Not an aggresive species, prefering to bolt for their hole at the 1st sign of disturbance, but brave enough to then re-emerge to dive on food immediately thus making it a very interesting little species withought the “scary” bulk of a normal tarantula. Very quick but as I say not aggressive, likes humidity of 75%-85% and temps of 22c and above. All in all a very attractive, small tarantula that has a great appetite and very pretty colouration.

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